Skipping your tax return filing may be construed as a criminal offense.

Many individuals fail to file their tax returns each year, due to a variety of circumstances. However, even if you feel that you have a legitimate excuse not to file, the IRS may not see it this way. Skipping your tax return filing may be construed as a criminal offence, and can carry penalties of monetary fines and jail time of up to one year for each missing return. If you are behind on your tax returns, it’s important that you take action to fix the situation, and a qualified tax attorney in Utah may be able to help you.

The Tax Solutions Attorneys understand that life happens, and tax returns don’t always get filed when they should. There are many great resources available to you, so you can get caught up on your tax returns and avoid serious penalties, and our team of friendly legal experts can assist you in getting started today! Sometimes, the IRS may file a Substitute For Return or SFR, in place of your individual tax return, but this doesn’t allow you to claim the exemptions or deductions that you may be entitled to.

No matter what your tax situation may be, you can count on our firm to fight for you, and pave the way towards an amicable resolution. When you need a dedicated tax lawyer, reach out to us and ask for your free initial consultation!

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