We are experienced in business tax law and IRS audit proceedings.

Even when you do everything by the book for your small business, you may still be subject to an IRS audit. Facing an IRS audit can be a scary thing, and depending on the severity of the audit, it might be a good idea to hire an experienced tax attorney to assist with your case. The IRS has several methods of audit: by mail (correspondence audit), in the IRS office, in your home, or in your business office. While a qualified accountant is important to tax preparation, a qualified attorney is equally important in fighting some of your IRS issues. Here at the Tax Solutions Attorneys, we are experienced in business tax law and IRS audit proceedings, and we can give you the best possible outcome in your audit case.

Tax examiners and revenue agents bring in over $30 billion each year in recovered funds from taxpayers. They are incentivized to collect what is known as “enforcement revenue” from individuals and businesses, so it’s critical that you stay on top of your taxes each year, and reduce your risk of an audit. Being audited by the IRS isn’t fun for anyone, but there are things that you can do to make the process go smoothly and protect the interests of your business. Tax Solutions Attorneys are familiar with the documents and forms that the IRS agent will ask for, and how to present your case in the best way, to minimize the stress on you and your company.

Or if the audit has already occurred and it didn’t go as you’d planned, you may be able to file an appeal with the IRS, and our firm can guide you on the best appeal practices for your unique case.

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