With over 25 years of experience, Tax Solutions Attorneys is here to help you! If you are intimidated by taxes, you are not alone. Out of the millions of Americans, over half say that they don’t fully understand their taxes or related tax problems. And further, it’s surprising but true, the IRS won’t always tell you about alternative solutions to your tax issues!

The IRS’s sole job is to collect as much money as it can from you. As professional as the IRS agent working on your tax problems might seem, he still works for the IRS, not you! When you want a way to get out of the tax issues that’s threatening your family, these alternative solutions might help.

Thankfully, with over 25 years of experience, Tax Solutions Attorneys is here to help you! Wherever you are in the US, Our firm is well versed in all aspects of individual tax law, and can give you expert advice on how to manage your IRS problems. Depending on your individual income, asset, and tax issues, we can create a tailor-made plan for handling your tax problems. Our team of competent and friendly tax law professionals is here to answer all of your questions in the following areas:

IRS Audits and Appeals – IRS audits are can be nerve racking; let us help you with the audit or if timely requested in appealing the audit.
Offers in Compromise – Offers in Compromise are a wonderful way to reduce tax issues if you qualify; let’s take a look.
Bank Levies / Wage Garnishments – The IRS can issue a bank levy or garnish your paycheck; we may be able to help limit those intrusions.
Tax Liens, Levies, and Property Seizures – The IRS may file a tax lien against your property limiting your options to sale or finance such property, and may at some point seize your property to satisfy tax liens.
Installment Agreements – Often the IRS will accept taxes owing over time and will agree to enter into an Installment Agreement to do that. There are benefits and negatives to such Installment Agreements.
Tax Penalties – There are a variety of penalties that the IRS can charge: 100% Penalty, Failure to File, Failure to Pay, Substantial Underpayment, etc. There are ways to help. 
Property Seizures
Unfiled Tax Returns – Failure to file your tax returns may be construed as a criminal act by the IRS; get some help Now!
Innocent Spouse Relief – The IRS can collect individuals, and you and your spouse as a couple; you may not be responsible for your spouse’s or ex-spouse’s taxes.
Hardship Filing or Do Not Collect – It’s rare that the IRS takes hardship into consideration, but in some cases, it must. If paying back your taxes will leave you in a devastating financial position, you might be able to partially escape tax payment due to hardship status; or in the alternative, you may be able to be put in do not collect status.
10-Year Statute Waiver – In certain situations, the IRS fails to collect Assessed Taxes for more the a 10-year period, including any “stays” which have increased the time for collection. While difficult to determine, if it applies, the taxes will no longer be owing.
Tax Planning – If contacted timely, we can often help you and your accountant with tax planning.
State Tax Issues (and possibly other states) – Some State tax issues can be just as challenging as federal tax issues; you have similar options with most state tax authorities as you do with the IRS.
Filing for Bankruptcy – Some people may file bankruptcy to get partial tax relief. While on the surface this solution seems like it could be effective, it is important to keep in mind the aftermath of filing for bankruptcy: long-lasting damage to your credit and financial history, etc. Before you file for bankruptcy, talk to a tax attorney to determine if there is a better solution for you.

Let us help you get a handle on your tax problems! Get in touch with our team of tax attorneys today and schedule your free initial consultation!

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